Meet the Chefs


Chef Michael

Executive Chef

  1. I was featured in the New York News Day for “Look Who’s Cooking” at age 16.
  2. I was born & raised in an old school Sicilian family
  3. My favorite food is my wife’s homemade meatballs and sauce
  4. I’m a well rounded chef with knowledge of culinary around the globe
  5. I worked for the Ritz Carlton Company for 8 years
  6. I have traveled and trained staff in different Ritz Carlton Properties 
  7. I have operated a Pizzeria & Restaurant with my cousin
  8. I love the mountains and hiking
  9. I have a beagle named Basil
  10. I love to grow herbs and fruit trees
  11. I do archery to relax


Chef Eddie

Sous Chef

  1. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats
  2. I love to spend time in the river
  3. I have a beautiful wife and 2 stepsons 
  4. I am a really big geek
  5. I have lived in Asheville for the past 20 years
  6. My favorite TV show is Firefly
  7. I have been cooking for over 12 years now
  8. I was homeschooled as a kid
  9. I <3 Puns
  10. My favorite kind of food is sushi
  11. My co-workers describe me as: dedicated and loyal

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